SACRAMENTO – Today, Assemblymember Diane Dixon (R-Newport Beach) made the following statement:

“This year’s budget included funding for two cities in Assembly District 72. The City of Newport Beach will receive a $1.6 million appropriation as the final piece of funding needed to build the Upper Newport Bay Pollution Control Project. This 14-foot steel water wheel device will capture consumer waste and pollution before it enters the ocean – securing our region as a leader in coastal clean-up. It will be constructed and installed near the outlet of San Diego Creek in order to remove trash and debris from a 120-square mile tributary area before it enters Upper Newport Bay and ultimately the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, Laguna Beach will receive a $1.2 million appropriation to improve access to Moss beach by constructing new concrete paths, stairways and other structures needed to enjoy views of the ocean and coastline in Moss Cove.”