Bill passes out of Public Safety Committee, referred to Appropriations Committee

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Diane Dixon (R-Newport Beach) made the following statement:

“Today, the Assembly Public Safety Committee was forced to hold a second hearing to reconsider Senate Bill 14, which they previously voted down on Tuesday. In a huge win for victims of human trafficking, it passed with six confirming votes. Next, the bill will journey to Assembly Appropriations Committee, where I will gladly vote in support.

“As a proud coauthor of SB 14, I stand with children. It is unacceptable that California is not willing to enforce consequences for people who violate the law and human rights. It is our job as lawmakers to ensure the most vulnerable members of our community are protected against predators and criminals. SB 14 does this. It makes human trafficking of a minor a serious felony and ensures that it is subject to California’s Three Strikes law. These enhanced penalties are key to keeping our children, and all Californians, safe.

“This week the Assembly Democrats entangled themselves in a battle over whether the act of trafficking children should be considered a serious felony. I am relieved they reversed course and did the right thing for our State.”