Assemblywoman Janet Nguyen Votes to Support Community Mental Health Services, Tax Exemptions, Fixing the EDD and More


A multitude of budget trailer bills came up on the Assembly Floor last week in the California State Legislature to fund critical programs and policies. Assemblywoman Janet Nguyen voted in strong support for many critical solutions for Californians and families:

  • Requiring the Employment Development Department (EDD) to implement multilingual access and the option of direct deposit (SB 138). The EDD has been wrought with fraud, delays in providing benefits, and lackluster customer service. This bill will help increase EDD’s responsiveness to the needs of jobless Californians.
  • Making the sale and use of diapers permanently exempt from being taxed (AB 150). Due to the pandemic and wildfires, this bill also assists food banks that are in dire need. AB 150 continues a 15% tax credit that will encourage greater food donation.
  • Providing $187 million to helping counties continue providing mental health services to residents in need (AB 134). This bill continues flexibilities in the Mental Health Services Act for counties to continue to respond to the increased demand of mental health services due to the COVID-19 emergency.
  • Expanding special health care and intensive support services to group homes for children with special needs (AB 136). This bill would also requires the Department of Developmental Services to administer an enhanced language access and cultural competency initiative for individuals with developmental disabilities, their caregivers, and their family members in order to improve quality and facilitate more consistent access to information and services.

Trailer bills are measures that accompany the annual state budget – making the changes of law necessary to implement the budget's fiscal policies in the state. 
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