Assemblymember Janet Nguyen Partnered with the City of Garden Grove and Mayor Steve Jones for a Surviving an Active Threat Training Seminar


GARDEN GROVE, CA – Last week, Assemblymember Janet Nguyen partnered with the City of Garden Grove and Mayor Steve Jones to host an Active Threat Training Seminar.

“I wanted to thank everyone who attended our event to learn what to do in an active threat situation,” said Assemblymember Janet Nguyen. “I want to also send a special thanks to instructor Paul Peng and Sentri Institute Inc. for the training and for providing our community with lifesaving and valuable information on what to do during an active threat.”

Paul Peng owner and founder of Sentri Institute Inc. provided the training for the event. Mr. Peng is an army veteran who served 9 years and two combat tours in Iraq. He was also an ex-military police officer who through the extensive training he endured from the military and army has provided him the background knowledge and experience to help others in the field of security operations. He teaches courses on firearms, security operations, and safety skills effectively.

“We live in a society today where everyone and I mean everyone is glued to their phones without a clue of what is happening around them; making us extremely easy targets.” said Paul Peng, instructor of the event from Sentri Institute Inc. “Half of staying alive in an event such as an active shooter or any other dangerous event for that matter is simply looking up from your phone and taking in your surroundings.  Be aware. Be A.L.I.V.E.”

"My deepest thanks to Assemblymember Janet Nguyen for inviting me to participate in the Surviving an Active Threat training. Garden Grove values the importance of maintaining a safe, healthy, and well-prepared community that has the skills and confidence to face any potential dangers or life challenges that can happen any time,” said Garden Grove Mayor Steve Jones.

An event like this is imperative for the community to ensure everyone’s safety and to be informed on what to do if you are ever in a dangerous situation like an active threat. It is highly important for adults and children to have background knowledge of what to do in an uncomfortable situation.

 “It is so important in the world we live in today for adults and children to have information and tools for how to respond to an uncomfortable situation. I hope that people left our event feeling more confident to better defend themselves and protect their loved ones when faced with an active threat” said Assemblymember Janet Nguyen.