Assemblymember Janet Nguyen Named One of Orange County’s 125 Top Influencers for 2021


ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Assemblymember Janet Nguyen was recently named one of Orange County’s top 125 influencers for 2021 in an Orange County Register Article. She was nominated due to her success in representing the 72nd Assembly District and her instrumental work in helping thousands of constituents cut through the state’s red tape to resolve their issues with the Employment Development Department (EDD) system.

“I am so honored to have been nominated and earned a spot on the Orange County top 125 influencers list,” responded Assemblymember Janet Nguyen to the press conference. “My team and I have worked incredibly hard for our community and I am glad that work has been noticed. I love this community and this county and will continue to fight for you in 2022.”

The Orange County Register annually recognizes individuals who quietly did things that made the lives of Orange County residents better, safer or more enjoyable. They also take into account the arguments of many readers who submit their own nominations each year.

This past year was particularly difficult on the unemployed who had to deal with the inefficient EDD. Assemblymember Janet Nguyen’s office received over 2,000 cases alone for Assembly District 72. These cases were constituents who could not get ahold of someone directly at the EDD to help them resolve their unemployment issues and as a result reached out to the Assemblymember’s office for help. 

“We did what the EDD could not this past year. We solved hundreds of cases for people in this community desperate to feed their families amidst a devastating pandemic. It was our number one priority. We will hopefully begin to see positive change within the Department soon with the legislation I co-authored and supported alongside my colleagues in Sacramento this past year,” said Assemblymember Janet Nguyen.

Fixing the EDD was a top priority for the Assemblymember in 2021. Some of the legislation she co-authored and supported were:

  • AB 12 (Co-Author):  Requires the EDD to stop sending outgoing U.S. mail to an individual that contains the individual's Social Security number (SSN) unless the number is truncated or required in specified circumstances which was signed by the Governor.
  • AB 110:  Requires the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) facilities to provide the Employment Development Department (EDD) with the names and social security numbers (SSNs) of current inmates. Requires EDD to cross-check claimant information with the information provided by CDCR before making a payment of unemployment compensation benefits. Prevents payments on fraudulent claims by California prisoners for unemployment compensation benefits and was signed by the Governor.
  • SB 753:  Allows the California Workforce Development Board (CWDB) to access EDD wage data for purposes of evaluating the programs' effectiveness which was also signed into law.