Assemblymember Janet Nguyen Discusses Vital Solutions with US Coast Guard and State Parks Regarding the Recent Oil Spill


Huntington Beach, CA -- Assemblymember Janet Nguyen had the opportunity to participate in an aerial tour and ground briefing of the oil spill area off the coast of Huntington Beach in Orange County this morning.  

“I want to thank US Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander Tim McNamara, Captain Kristi Bernstein and State Parks Peace Officer & Superintendent Kevin Pearsall for giving me this opportunity.  Seeing this spill from the air and land has given me a good and clear perspective on the size and scope of the affected areas.” said Assemblymember Janet Nguyen.  

“I am very thankful to the State, City and County's swift actions together who have been working around the clock to help clean up and protect our coastal shores,” said Assemblymember Janet Nguyen. “I’d also like to thank the United States Coast Guard for their swift response to try to mitigate this oil spill as much as possible.” 

Assemblymember Nguyen's tour at the Huntington State Beach allowed her to see first hand how this spill is impacting our beaches and wildlife.  

“It saddens me to see oil now reaching the beautiful shores of Huntington Beach State Beach but I’m appreciative of the swift action being taken to mitigate the impacts as quickly as possible.” said Assemblymember Janet Nguyen.

Please be advised that you should stay away from Huntington State Beach. That would include no walking, running, swimming and surfing. 

A hotline for wildlife impacted by the oil that has been set up by Calwild, Oiled Wildlife Care Network, at (877) 823-6926.  If you spot wildlife in need of care, please do not touch them and immediately call CalWild for help.

“Let’s keep our families and loved ones safe as solutions to solve this spill are reached. My office and I are committed to helping in any way that we can to protect our beautiful shoreline.”